FPV Cable for Gopro Hero 3

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FPV Cable for Gopro Hero 3

An audio/video cable for the GoPro HERO3 cameras using the USB Audio/Video live out port.  On one side, a right angled USB connector linked to a super flexible servo cable, and on the other end an ImmersionRC/FatShark compatible plug.  A total length of 8 inches (20cm), weighing only 4g

Not compatible with the HERO and HERO2 cameras.

Easily connects directly to your ImmersionRC and FatShark gear, and can charge the HERO3 battery from the power source!*

Wire function:

Brown: Ground

Red: 5V

Orange: Video

White: Audio

Live video output quality varies between the various video modes and between the different versions of the HERO3 cameras.  We've found that with the Silver version, the only mode that outputs smooth video with little delay is 720p/60.  All other modes have noticable delay and low frame rate.  We'll update with more information as we get more information for the White and Black version.

*Charging/Powering function should only be used on transmitters with switching regulators, and requires airflow over transmitter to prevent over heating.  Red wire should be cut and capped if your transmitter does not use a switch mode regulator.


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